Sanhedria’s New Campus

We are pleased to announce development plans for a new campus for our children in an expansive green space with Jerusalem mountain air at Derech Carmit 62.

Sanhedrias’s new facility will be comprised of two structures with comfortable bedrooms for the children, apartments for the foster couples who lead the family units, an activity center, and treatment and counseling rooms. There will be an office suite, a Synagogue and spacious areas designated for sports and other programs that take place in the fresh air.

There will be an array of naming opportunities and sponsorships to include:

  • Children’s bedrooms $25,000 each (x8)
  • Apartments for foster couples $36,000 each (X3)
  • Laundry Room $25,000
  • Kitchen/living room $25,000 each (x 3)
  • Treatment Centers – $18,000 per therapeutic room eg:
    • 3 rooms for 3 social workers who work one on one with the kids (one room will also have a nurse’s station)
    • 1 room for Director of Therapeutic Programming
    • Meeting & counselling space for parents/kids via professional intervention
    • Study room to advance kids in school/assist with homework assignments
    • Music therapy/arts & crafts area
  • Activity center & library – $50,000 SOLD
  • Multi-purpose hall for Bar Mitzva celebrations, parties, etc. $75,000
  • Soccer field $60,000
  • Offices $15,000 (5 available)
  • Fenced in swimming pool, $100,000
  • SOLD! Beit Knesset, $100,000

For further details please contact the Sanhedria office at: