In a recent decision by the Ministry of Welfare, it was determined that Sanhedria
would expand its services by opening a wing for teens up to 18 years old. Giving
these boys an additional three years in a loving and stable home with continued
psychological help is a gift they will benefit from for the rest of their lives.
The government stipulated that the teen group be in a different building than the
younger children. Therefore, an apartment large enough to accommodate a dozen teenagers
and a surrogate couple was rented in a beautiful section of residential Ramot Bet
and ‘house’ was set up in August 2009. The new quarters are across the street from
a park and near a pizza shop (very attractive to the kids!). The apartment was made
comfortable and beautiful by fully equipping it with all the things to make the
boys feel ‘at home’.

The foster couple who went from Sanhedria’s main facility (an additional family
unit has since been opened in the main building) to Ramot are the ideal surrogate
parents for this group. They’re young and hip, with much patience and understanding.
A psychologist visits three times weekly, holding group sessions and counseling
four teens each time.

The government is providing financial assistance with the rent but all the preparations
(safety measures and renovations) & purchases for the apartment (beds, desks, closets,
dining room, computers, kitchen equipment and supplies, washer and dryer, lighting
and air conditioners etc.) have fallen on us. We are in dire need of funding to
cover these costs.

  • All contributions will be much appreciated.
  • A sponsorship of $1800 per child will buy a plaque.
  • A sponsorship of $5400 will buy a bedroom.

For additional information please contact Miriam Braun at

or on her mobile phone: 011 972 504 566526 (from Israel call 0504 566526).

U.S. tel: 866 409 5718.

U.S. tax deductible gifts (ID # 20 309 4503) should be earmarked and payable
American Friends of Sanhedria-Jerusalem,
c/o Elliot Rothschild, 1121
W. Laurelton Pkwy. Teaneck, NJ 07666