Towards spring 2012, more than one dozen of the residents in our main quarters in Katamon reached the ‘cut off’ age that the Ministry of Welfare authorizes to live in the same building as the smaller children, 6-13 years old. In order to continue to provide these teenage boys with a nurturing and stable home, Sanhedria committed to opening a second teen wing and to move them to another address, in Ramot Bet. On Rosh Chodesh Elul 5772, thirteen teens relocated, along with ‘surrogate parents’ to their new quarters where they can live and have all their physical, emotional and spiritual needs met until they legally phase out of the ‘system’ at age 18.

Thanks to the generosity of wonderful friends, we were able to equip the house with all the furniture, appliances and other gear needed to make the home cozy and comfortable.

A social worker and psychologist treat the boys regularly. There is a martial acts course as well as music lessons and an educational program sponsored by the Hebrew University which advances the teens in reading comprehension, math and English skills. Volunteers from a nearby yeshiva also visit weekly and engage the boys in sport activities, such as snooker and soccer.