Sanhedria’s professional staff works with municipalities around the country and their departments of social services, as well as treating psychologists, psychiatrists and physicians. In addition to our in-house social workers, psychologist and art therapist, each child has a case worker assigned to him via the local municipality from where he was referred.

David Vaknin
David Vaknin Social Worker
Yisrael Wolpin
Yisrael WolpinSocial Worker
Professional Programming
Professional Programming
Afternoon activities include an array of creative opportunities such as carpentry and music classes, swimming and martial arts. A special education teacher works with the children daily, both in intimate groups and on one-on-one, helping them with their homework assignments and preparing for tests. In addition, there is a program with the participation of The Hebrew University which sends its best to advance our children in reading comprehension, math and English language skills. The kids are also provided with art and music therapy.