In 2009 it was determined by the Ministry of Welfare that Sanhedria could expand its services to provide for boys up to 18 years old (previously the cut off age was 15). As per government regulations the teens are in a separate division than the small children. Our Ramot teen wing houses the older boys, most of whom who have transitioned from the main Katamon address. A Madrich and Madricha live on site and ensure that the day-to-day routine runs smoothly.

There are regularly scheduled activities after school, including math enrichment, reading comprehension and sports with a professional instructor. A Social Worker provides mental health care. There are also cooking classes with a world renown chef who shows the boys how to prepare gourmet meals and then they eat dinner together! Several times over year there are special parties just for these older boys, eg. Chanuka & Purim and sometimes even to celebrate a birthday. Yeshiva students join on these occasions and put on a fun-filled class act!

The teen wing is a critical component of Sanhedria’s programming, ensuring additional years of safety, security and for helping the boys plan for their future. Their security and the guidance and counseling they receive help them carve out the next phase of their lives with level headedness and clarity.

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