Tour of the Sanhedria Children’s Home


The bedrooms are furnished with a closet in which each child has his personal space. There is a table and chair, offering a place to sit down and perhaps write a letter to family. Some of our boys participate in a botanical class and have adorned their rooms with potted greenery that they planted. The curtains were lovingly made by our seamstress who is committed to keeping the rooms cheerful.

Beit Midrash

Modestly furnished with simple benches and desks, this is where our residents have their tefila. An Aron Kodesh guards Sifrei Torah and religious books line the shelves and the devoted teachers give classes.

Dining Room

DiningRoom - Tour

The foster couple and children converge here throughout the afternoons and especially over dinner time when they sit around the table and share their day’s experience in animated dialogue. The surrogate couples use this opportunity to create a bond amongst the children, and encourage them to communicate. This enables the children to develop healthy familial relations.

Activity Center

A spacious trailer houses a library, play area, computer station and music room. Yeshiva and midrasha volunteers participate in some of the programming offered here. Bar Mitzva parties are also held here as are special events (please se our ‘news’ page. If you would like to host a Bar Mitzva shindig, please be in touch with Miriam Braun, Program Director at 0504 566526.

Sports court

The boys play soccer in the Aaron Jacoby Z’L sports court adjacent to the main building. Volunteers from local yeshivot join the kids weekly for a soccer match. The area is also used for outdoor parties.